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oReligion: BuddhismThe Jingpos, numbering 119,300, live mostly in the De

hong Dai-Jingp▓o Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, together with the De'ang, Lisu, Ach▓ang and Han peoples. A few of them are ▓found in the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture.The Jingpos mainly inhabit tree-covered mountainou▓s areas some 1,500 meters above sea

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level, where the climate is warm. Coun▓tless snaking mountain paths connect Jingpo villages,▓ which usually consist of two-story bamboo houses hidden in dense forests and bamboo grove▓s.The area abounds in rare woods and m?/p>

坋dicinal herbs. Among cash crops are rubber, tung oil, tea, coffee, shellac and silk cott▓on. The area's main mineral resources are iron, copper, lead, coal, gold, silver and precious sto▓nes

sugarcane, bana

na or salt me▓ant frien

. Tigers, leopards, bears, pythons, pheasants and parrots live in the region's forests.The Jingpos speak a language belonging to the Tibetan-Myanmese family of the Chinese-Tibetan language sys▓te

dship, hot pepper anger,

m. Until 70 years ago, when an alphabetic system of writing based on Latin letters was introduced, the Jingpos kept records by notc▓hing wood or tying knots. Calculation was done by count

ing beans. The new system of writing was not widely used, however. After 1949, with the hel▓p of the government, the Jingpo people have started publi▓shing newspapers, periodicals and books in their own language.HistoryAccording to local legends and historical r

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  • cy, and gunpowder and bullets the intention of clan warfare. An alphabetic script▓ was created for the Va people in 1957.Pork contamination spreads to Northern Irela
  • ndS. Korea to relax US beef import rulesSince January the first, the ▓northern part of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomo▓us Region in Northwest Chin
  • a has been suffering the he▓aviest snowstorms in a decade. Homes ▓have been destroyed and people dislocated. Now after days of efforts from the government and locals, the homel
  • ▓ess have been relocated.The cold snap that has gripped Xinjiang also brought he▓avy snow, especially in Tacheng and Altay
  • regions.In Yumin County of Tacheng, melting snow caused flooding that destroyed arable land, rendering houses unlivable. 35 households became homeless.Population: 119,300Major area


of distribution: YunnanL

, Jingpo ancest▓ors in ancient times inhabited the so▓uthern part of the Xikang-Tibetan Plateau. They gradually migrated south to the northwestern part of Yunnan, west of the Nujiang River. The local people, together with the newly-arrive▓d Jingpos, were called "Xunc


n," wh▓o lived mainly on hunting.During the Yu▓an Dynasty (1271-1368), the imperial court set up a provincial administrative office in Yunnan, which had the Xunchuan area under its jurisdiction. As▓ production developed, various Jingpo groups gradually merged i

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